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Aims & Objectives

The main aim and object of the Association is to work for welfare of its members in general with emphasis on welfare of the widows & dependents of posthumous awardees to facilitate education rehabilitation and other financial protections.

To work for the welfare of those Police personnel who lost their lives or became handicap/disabled while combatling criminals in the interest of the nation, besides this, welfare includes welfare to general public, welfare to widows, widower and dependent of members, pensioners awardees & their family members. Family includes husband/wife and dependents.

  • To organize cultural events to promote cultural awardees amongst public in general members of the association and generate funds through such events which will be utilized for welfare purposes.
  • To help and co-operate in social awareness, encourage social consciousness to combat criminals and effort will be to grow confidence among citizens and develop fighting spirit amongst police officers.
  • To organize wholesome recreational events, organize sports events, competitions, games and generate fund through such events, which will be utilized for welfare purpose.
  • The Association shall make continuous effort to spread awareness amongst public at large about modus operandi of offenses, way of protection from such offenses, detailed information of criminals etc. To fulfill this object team of members will select remote and unconscious areas and organize workshop meeting.
  • To create and develop sense of fellowship and fraternity amongst the members of the Association.
  • To help and advise to families of members affected by riots, natural calamities, genocide etc.
  • Moral, legal and economical support to memebrs of the Association who have become disabled and physically handicapped.